If You Can Move It, Move It

Or: Choose joy over convenience.

I’m in the midst of unpacking and quarter grading so this week’s post shall be brief.

A huge life lesson that it took me too long to learn: if where you live is making you miserable, move. Do it as soon as you can.

I know it’s a huge privilege to be able to, and often it’s really truly not possible. But in many other situations, it’s only massively inconvenient, complicated, and difficult. The dauntingness of the task makes persistent low-level discomfort seem bearable. But you’ve traded the possibility of joy for convenience. That’s a pretty cruel way to shortchange yourself.

Years ago I stayed far too long – twice! – with roommates with incompatible styles of discussion and preferences about how we lived in the space, and we learned that lesson at some cost to our friendships that could have been avoided if we’d all acted sooner. This time around, I stayed four years with carpet that grossed me out and a space that really didn’t have enough light or air. I thought the problem was me for not being appreciative enough of having a space to live in the Bay Area. I should have gotten creative and prioritized finding a way out sooner.

I am so, so joyful and and grateful for my new space.

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