Some random things I have been up to other than work:

  • Taking a CrossFit on-ramp class. Strength training! I’ve spent years and years and years trying to find exercise I actually enjoy (that doesn’t involve trekking out to the wilderness that is). I don’t know yet if I will stick with it but so far it’s extremely fun.
  • Reading: Mr. Money Mustache, Captain Awkward, Ask Polly, and NerdFitness.
  • Cooking all the things. Today: roasted hazelnut milk and a batch of frozen breakfast tacos for the next couple weeks.
  • Studying for the GRE (yeep!)
  • Hanging out with my siblings. There are 6 of us and bogglingly enough we all super value spending time together despite an 11-year age gap between youngest and oldest, and the usual amount of bickering and different personalities. They are pretty great. <3
  • Reading romance novels (a relatively new embarrassing guilty pleasure). Jennifer Crusie, Laura Kinsale, Lisa Kleypas…
  • Getting excited for an intro woodworking class at the Crucible that starts this week.
  • Being fascinated by Pokemon Go. I wonder if this is the year that we finally get tired of looking down at our phones and start demanding real augmented reality.
  • Pondering how to do a better job of pulling in current events to my tech curriculum next fall. There is so much intertwined with tech that future technologists will have a say in deciding on. There’s some big serious heartbreaking stuff going on in the world right now, and yet it feels like things we have real power to change because it all comes down to how people are treating each other, their neighbors, people different from them.


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