Maker Stickers

Lovely labels for all your tools!

gear maker


A tool for digital fabrication and inquiry-based learning.

Le Fonduephone

Language practice for young kids with a robot dining companion.

Sock Puppets

Tools for silliness and expressive voices.


Remote-communicating electronic sticker books.

Beyond the Binding

Exploring the future of books at Creativity and Cognition 2011.

Playtime Computing

Interactive transfictional playspace for preschoolers.

The Cnidarian

A jellyfish supervillain, entry in the TEI 2011 Design Challenge.

Making (Almost) Anything

Weekly projects for How to Make (Almost) Anything.


Creating and learning with e-textiles.

Toys Keeping In Touch

Dollhouses for imagination play at a distance, communicating while staying in character.


A “remote communication construction kit.”

A.L.E.R.T. Robot

Active Learning Environment with Robotic Tangibles


Motivational home environments.

Shake it Like A…

Embodied versus activated instruments.

Adventures of a Cutting Board

3D Scanning the taglieri

Magic Tablet

Digitizer tablet built into a children’s drawing toy.

Attuned Glasses

Musical wineglasses for novel interactions at the table.


Making things!


Thoughts and stories.